Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heavenly bodies

Strange to be writing about sun in November. We don't get a lot of sun in Michigan this time of year. But we did this week though not the traditional sun that one routinely thinks of when envisioning the sun. Unabridged (v 1.1) sun/sʌn/[suhn]noun, verb, sunned, sunning.–noun
1. (often initial capital letter) the star that is the central body of the solar system, around which the planets revolve and from which they receive light and heat [snip]:
2. the sun considered with reference to its position in the sky, its visibility, the season of the year, the time at which or the place where it is seen, etc.
3. a self-luminous heavenly body; star.
4. sunshine; the heat and light from the sun: to be exposed to the sun.
5. a figure or representation of the sun, as a heraldic bearing usually surrounded with rays and marked with the features of a human face.
6. something likened to the sun in brightness, splendor, etc.
7. Chiefly Literary.
a. clime; climate.
b. glory; splendor.

Sun is also the definition of the name Samson. He found us at Calvin College, really technically through my good friend and colleague Dorothy. She walked in my office and told me to look at Calvin News and the dog needing adoption from WMRL. I called Paul who came to look at him. Samson comes home on Monday.

We will call him Sammie, meaning "of God." Glory and splendor, of God, could he be more beautiful?

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