Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving morning reflections

What's for breakfast? I remember when parades used to be real parades. Marching bands, floats, funny clowns in little cars and dressed up turkeys waiving to the crowds and police on horses. Now 'parades' are broadway medleys, productions and lipsynced songs. Yuck.

We spent the morning playing Frisbee with Sammy. I don't know who had more fun - Sammy or the two of us! It took no time to train him to fetch - we used two Frisbees and he figured out immediately that if he returned one to us, Paul would throw the second one. That dog is SOOOO fast. He loves just tearing around the yard. We spent 20 minutes throwing the Frisbee before he even began to tire ....and we took him out a second time, and he had all the energy all over again!

Sometimes things work out better than we deserve. We are blessed with fabulous neighbors on both sides. Our neighbors to the east (Amy and Dennis) have a similar sized yard and we have no fence between our yards. It allows for good football and soccer games in the far back, as well as amazing room to run for our dogs. Annie is their dog and she is one of the cutest dogs that I have EVER seen. Annie used to sit by our back slider and bark and wait for Allie to come out so they could play. Allie was too old and Annie didn't understand that Allie couldn't run and play. It broke our hearts. Oddly, when we lost Allie, Annie would come nowhere near us ... even when we came by Amy and Dennis' house, Annie would run away from us. It was definitely a statement! But Annie met Sammy and they hit it off. Paul was out with our neighbor Amy, and Sammy and Annie were tearing around the backyard. We all win.

As I type, Sammy is collapsed on the floor. I am watching the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade and we have a lovely fire going in the backroom.

Paul's apple pie is done and it looks fabulous. This is one of my favorite days of the year!

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