Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hockey, happiness and hump day

It's almost Wednesday which means then next day is Thursday and THEN FRIDAY! And we are off and closed for the Christmas holiday. Oh joy, oh joy. 11 days home with my wonderful family to celebrate the season, watch hockey, play and train with Samson and work in the basement. Oh, and enjoy the beautiful bathroom.

We invested in high def and while I was highly dubious, I am now a fan. Hockey in high def is fabulous even if it is Ottawa and Boston. No vested interest in the outcome but wow, what an amazing picture.

Tonight was a casual evening of Paul and Deb painting (primer) on the new bathroom walls, enjoying Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and for me, spending the time entertaining Samson the dog. Our friend John calls him Attila and sometimes, it isn't too far off. He does bring us joy and laughter.

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