Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh and it's Wednesday

It was a GOOD day. Somedays I don't feel like I do too much but talk to people but the talking to people today was fun. It was a good day.

Paul did the grocery shopping and then met me for lunch. He did quite a bit of work with the hound and played frisbee too. While Samson recovered from his frisbee playing, Paul worked on his new machine, getting to know Vista. He is coming along well and really likes his new machine. Frankly, I LOVE his machine.

We are enjoying the high def on our TV. Wow, what a difference it makes! Even the news looks good!

Tonight, we will be working on the Christmas cards. Look for yours in the mail soon!

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Lisa said...

Christmas cards? Huh? Is it December, already? Groan!!!!