Saturday, December 01, 2007

Training - Day 1

We had our first training with Samson. Just to be clear, it is WE who are getting the training; Samson knows everything he needs to know to be a dog. We need to know how to tell the dog what WE want him to do.

He did everything we asked, when we asked the right way. It was amazing; we couldn't get him to drop the frisbee at home. We work with Jeanne for a few minutes and she has Samson dropping the toy immediately. The trick? Lots of puppy treats. :)

Samson has had some difficulty wanting to get into the crate in the car. Ok, Samson DIDN'T want to get in the crate. Using Jeanne's method, we put some cheese on the bumper, then a few inches up and then in the crate itself. Samson jumped RIGHT in to the crate in the car! Voila! It's a good thing since next week, I am on my own with training. And he enjoyed the ride.

I believe that we have made significant strides with him. We both think that he realizes that he is coming home, regardless of where we go first. He still wants to be right near us and that's ok. When we walk by, his tail wags. He looks for love and walks over and will squeak (oh the drama) if no one is paying any attention. Just a crack up.

Paul's Mom has a great saying when she is tired - I am killed. Well, it couldn't be more accurate. Samson is killed and we are thrilled. :D

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