Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's just plain miserable

There are not good pictures for COLD. I can't post anything visual for you to actually experience and frankly, even words can come up short. It is COLD. It is nasty walking in the garage, taking out Handsome Boy, even driving in the car. The Grand Rapids Press outlined the temperature decline from 47 degrees to 7 degrees in less then 24 hours. With windchill, it's minus (-)6. Brrrrr.....

Speaking of Handsome Boy, he is still impervious to the cold. Paul calls him the 'snow mole.' He loves to burrow into the snow, sit for a minute and then jump up and run around. It is very fun and funny to watch. Right now, he is sitting at my feet, waiting for something good to fall his way. Our training class was wisely canceled so we have the night off to put our feet up and try and stay warm.

The Red Wings play Phoenix tonight. With the fire in the fireplace, a nice glass of wine and some hot lobster bisque, I much prefer this over the cold and the dark. Stay warm friends!
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