Thursday, January 17, 2008


Oooohhhhhh, what an ugly day. Not even our normally resilient Google could hold up to the freefall. Yikes! I am having flashbacks of the 90s when no one wanted to look at a 401(k) statement. I keep waiting for one of our esteemed presidential candidates to actually talk about HOW to turn the economy around. Specifically, the candidates talk about what Michigan needs, but no one seems articulate how to do it. Clearly manufacturing is no longer a viable option but what can Michigan attract? Business tax, auto industry, high taxes and a state that STILL allows smoking! Wretched. I love it here but I could easily understand what would prevent new businesses from considering this state. We need innovative and visionary leadership in BOTH parties. Period.

Samson started intermediate training class last night. While he doesn't 'graduate' from beginner's class until Saturday, we were allowed to start intermediate class. Lucky us. There is a test at the end of this class that involves a number of complex situations including handlers separated from our dog for three minutes and sitting quietly when meeting another person and dog. Paul and I burst out laughing. I know that Samson will not pass the 'greet' part of the test, nor is it the reason that we are attending but hey, a girl can dream. And it is SO good for him. I have learned that new situations are stressful for him and the best thing we can do is help him adapt quickly and hopefully, quietly. ;)

And its Friday. Woo hoo. The Red Wings are on a spiral down and need a win tonight! They play the Canucks and hopefully they can put a check in the win column. Let's go Red Wings!

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