Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Weekend

It has been a busy week and will be a busy weekend. Today we have training with handsome boy, two fabulous playoff football games, a Detroit Red Wings hockey game and with any luck our friend traveling from her hacienda in AZ will stop by and say hello.

In the TBTB intiative, Paul has made amazing strides downstairs. We have a backup computer in TB (along with our desktop and external backup) and Paul bought a cheapy flat screen for it. Once one has a flatscreen, big honking monitors just don't cut it, even for backup computers. We need to install that and do some updating and maintenance on the machine. We will also need to move some laundry accoutrements around as HWC Homeworks will start working on bathroom number 2 on Monday. They will need access to some space in the basement currently occupied by laundry 'stuff.' We have a lot to sort through and what friends and family can't use or don't need, we will donate to In the Image.

We also need to empty bathroom number 2 in preparation for the demolition that starts on Monday. With any luck, this will be less messy than bathroom number 1. Look for pictures from Paul.

Friday's January Series speaker was enthralling. The program hosted Ishmael Beah author of "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier." This soft-spoken young man told of his experiences being a boy soldier in Sierra Leone, the wonderful people who took him from the Army and rehabilitated him and his life in the US. He read a few excerpts from his book and expanded on some of the stories. It was absolutely riveting. It will be a book on my book list. If you have a chance to hear him speak, I would encourage you to do so.

In the escapades of Handsome Boy, he is doing very well. He has acclimated perfectly to the rhythms of our life. When he wakes up early in the AM, he sits quietly until we are ready to get up. After his brekkie and while we are enjoying our coffee, he sits under the table, chewing his bone. He has funny habits - one of taking his nose and poking us to get our attention! He also LOVES ice cubes. He chews on the ice and when pieces fall out of his mouth, he just stares at them! It's funny to watch.

This is my favorite time of the morning. I have HB at my feet, a fire in the fireplace, the sun hasn't risen yet and I have great coffee in one of my cool mugs. Here's to Saturdays!

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Big Johnny said...

"the sun hasn't risen yet "


Saturdays are for sleeping LATE !!! Like 9:30/10:00 late !!

tsk....morning people....