Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wrapping up the weekend

It was a nice, quiet day. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast including sausage, lobster & eggs, some grapefruit juice and a big 'ol pot of Cafe Verona. In between the fire, Krista Tippett's Speaking of Faith on NPR and some classical music, it was hard to give up the morning. We did some painting in the little bathroom and that project is coming along beautifully.

We had a visit from our good friend, Abi, catching up on her life and sweet baby, Noah. It was great to see her. And no Sunday is complete without a good nap! :)

Deb is stopping by after church to pick up her computer. And our good fortune, she is staying for dinner. In exchange for her expert painting, we handle her computer updates and maintenance. The machine is running like a champ! Our dinner menu is set; Paul is making Chicken Picata and will serve it with small, steamed asparagus and cous cous. Of course, we will have to watch the NHL All Star Game.

Tomorrow, Jim will come back and continue work on the bathroom, we are expecting rain (go figure) and it's back to work! Here's to the weekend!


Lisa said...

Hopefully the storm moving across most of the West will drop some snow on you when it crosses the big lake...if it doesn't peter out and fall apart before then.

Lobster leftovers. Yum!!


Sincerely Abi said...

Thank you so much for the disks and for showing me the latest improvements to your place! Wow!