Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ahhhhhh, the weekend

After the ruckus Thursday night, I was grateful for Friday. Work flew by and when I got home, Paul had almost everything set for dinner. My only job was to iron the napkins. Now, THAT I can do!

We had new friends Dave and Aileen over for dinner. Paul made Tenderloin deluxe, long grain rice, steamed asparagus and a nice Caesar salad. Dave owns HWCHomeworks and Aileen works for Window World of West Michigan so we talked a good deal of 'shop' all night. I learned quite a bit about people, construction and windows. Aileen brought dessert which was a delicious chocolate cake (with a little help from Arnies). It was a fun time and the two guys cooked like champs. :)

Today, Paul is otherwise engaged and Samson and I are on our own. We are looking forward to a playdate with our furry friends Coke and Kenya, and their humans Phil and Lies. It is sort of spitting snow right now, some of it is blowing snow, accompanied by a bit falling from the sky. The talking weather nerds indicated some sunshine possible, but I don't see how with the thick layer of gray that is currently covering us.

It's interesting that for the Superbowl, they are expecting rain and I suspect will have to cover the stadium. What a drag- all the tailgating will be wet. Bummer. I hope it passes by them but the outlook is not good.

I have some work to do, some stuff to read, a kitchen to straighten, some laundry to wash and a Handsome Boy who needs some fun. Enjoy the weekend!
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