Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mr. Snowmoleious

As Paul wrote about in a prior post, we no longer believe Samson to be a GSD; rather we believe that Samson is a 'Canis Lupus Snowmoleius.' I was skeptical since Samson looks SO much like a GSD but today on our walk, I think I am a convert. But first, a little stage setting.

It started out quite cold this AM, with windchills well near Zero but the sun came out and it is up near 26 degrees. The ice is starting to melt in some places but there are sky high piles of snow around driveways and especially near street corners. With the sun shining brightly and the windchills up in the high teens, we did not believe that the weather could get much nicer than right now (all context folks). So off on our walk we went.

On the walk, the first thing I notice is that Samson has no interest in walking on the nicely East Grand Rapids plowed sidewalks; no, he would rather leap and bound through the sky-high piles of snow. And he took a brief rest on top on the hill. This is no small feat, by any means. Leaping and bounding through that snow is a ton of work. By the end of the walk, he was TIRED.

We kept walking around the block and another odd and hilarious idiosyncrasy is his interest in large blocks of snow. He would pick them up in his mouth, chew on them and then dump then, moving on to the next huge chuck of snow/ice. Keeping in mind that this is not the clean, pristine snow. Nope, he likes the gross stuff with mud and dirt and whatever other grossness comes from the street. Ugh.

By the time we hit the home stretch, he was in full SNOW MOLE MODE. Sticking his snout deep within the snow piles, he would leave it there, as if to be taking in all the snout snow he could. I believe that had we not broken the spell and called to him, we would all still be there.

Hitting the last block, it was time for another snowmole search, and then, a rest. We believe that Samson has a distant relative, Coke, who also exhibits Snowmoleious tendencies.

For dinner, Paul is making Pan-seared filets in Cabernet sauce. We have some asparagus to steam and will probably have a nice salad to go with the meal. We have some hockey to watch and a storm on its way. Rain, ice, sleet and snow. We had to get our walk in when we could!

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Lisa said...

That dog cracks me up. You wonder what thoughts are racing through his doggy brain.

How many inches of snow have you had this season? Looks like a bunch; "a bunch" being a technical term for "holy crap is that a lot of snow."

Hope your filets are yummy tonight. Ours were delicious!