Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A good walk

Paul and I had a chance to walk this evening, since he was taking a night off from his daily run. I haven't bringing my camera on our walks since the mornings are very, very dark and in the evening, we have Mr. Samson. He requires full attention but with Paul holding the reigns, I was able to snap pictures. We walked down to Floral and turned left at the beautiful yellow bush. It is a beautiful bush so I snapped a picture.

At the end of Floral, where it dead-ends into San Lu Rae, there is new construction! At least, there is a big ole hole being dug which we anticipate will be a new house. There are two new homes on either side of the big ole hole. We both remember the old homes that used to occupy the lots and the new ones, well, they just look new.

And, as promised, the cow. I swear, I have NO IDEA why they have a cow in their yard. Henry knew much about the cow but I decided to post pictures and let him provide us commentary. I still think that it is rather peculiar and someday I would like to sneak up and take a close up. And touch it. I have a Red Wings banner on my front door but I sure wouldn't think to have a cow....
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