Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little bit of heaven and a bit of earth

More wonderful weather on the western shores of the Enchanted Mitten. Mr. Handsome Samson has been enjoying the time immensely. The backyard (and every other yard) is absolutely coming alive and Samson is enamored with everything that moves - from leaves to little furry critters. He is on sensory overload!

We have taken this opportunity to finish some of the house projects including rebuilding one of our walls in the backroom. The backroom has three sliders, two of which are very old and deteriorating rapidly. This winter was the absolute worst, and Paul and I knew we had to act replacing the old sliders. Even with space heaters, we couldn't keep the back room warm. :( This work, along with the last of our 'big' windows replacements and our new front door will really help with keeping the cold air and the warm air (next winter) IN the house. Still on the project list is the makeover of the kitchen and a stunning new garage door. Who says remodeling isn't fun??

The Red Wings closed out the series against Nashville! After tonight, we will know the next round of competitors in the quest for the Stanley Cup! And a great night with American Idol. Until next post, happy Earth Day!

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Lisa said...

When we moved back to Michigan in 2005, Rex became practically overcome with the smell of the earth. Honestly, he'd shove his nose into the ground and suck in all this dust and dirt and mud and pieces of debris...then just run in circles, chasing some invisible high. Crazy. I'm pretty sure he'd never smelled anything so pure and beautiful as Michigan earth. Samson must be on that same high.

For Earth Day, and every day, I now shop only with reuseable Trader Joe shopping bags. I love them.