Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday morning

Alright already, posting. And frankly, my nerves were REALLY shot. ;) We had an incredibly busy day. Saturday morning, Paul spent almost five hours cleaning out the garage. Our friends at HWC Homeworks will be doing some work in our garage, rebuilding some of the storage space and Paul needed to do some work getting it prepped. We put the finishing touches on the guest bedroom by making the bed and moving the furniture. We needed to get that done to move all the extra stuff out of "Paul's room" so that he can get it ready for getting back to work. Bottom line, we were living with significant entropy and it is starting to be reduced. We still need to put up pictures in the guest room but we are going to let 'chi' flow before we do that.

I worked in the basement, getting laundry done, folding, washing and ironing. Now that we have some place to put it, I can start moving stuff upstairs.

Friday night, we had a wonderful meal with our friends Dave and Aileen. Aileen made a wonderful meal of chicken with cream tarragon sauce. YUM. I am trying to get the recipe for the East of the Equator Foodies Group.

Today is yet another busy day. (This is a killer for the short weekend we get....) We have more work to do around the house and I have some actual work to do. Paul needs to get in a run while he trains for the 5/3 River Bank Run and Mr Samson needs to chase some wild turkeys. Well, not really, but I will let him chase some frisbees. It is supposed to be a lovely day and we haven't had any of the threatened rain. The Red Wings play at 2:00 pm this afternoon! Enjoy the day.

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