Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 2 of The Renovation Starts Now!

I have discovered quite a bit about construction work. The day started with much discussion about the back wall to be essentially removed to frame, what would go where and how long it would take. I always imaged that work like this was cut and dried and things should work like clockwork. (You are giggling now, I can hear it). What I have discovered in this adventure is that while I am extremely thrilled with the outcome, I loathe the journey. It is far too stressful for me. It is fluid, not concrete. When things occur about which I have zero knowledge, I would like concrete. I would rather be fixing computers.

I spent the day listening to electric saws, bumps, creaks, hammers, pounding and more. So much noise that when I finally had to put my head down to stop the throbbing, it wasn't the noise that woke me up, it was the silence!

One of my projects during this time off (now I am giggling too) was to get my electronic life in gear. I was going to organize my RSS Feeds in Google Reader, get a handle on my Google Groups and update my iTunes podcasts. I got sucked into to Twitter, spent too much time uploading pictures to Photobucket, helped friends on computer and GSD forums and lost time on Facebook. I sat, after wandering through time and e-space, thinking that there is just too much social networking. I can't keep up. I have a friend who is a self-described luddite. I am pretty sure that he doesn't spend any time on Twitter or Facebook, or any of the other sink holes of cyberspace. It's easy to say turn it off ... it's easy to say it, it's not so easy to do. :)

For the working stiffs, it's Friday. For me, it's another day in watching people do what I can't even begin to understand - fixing things like shims, casing, moving, cutting, fitting and finishing. There is aluminum wrap, trim, foam, wood and wires. All I know is that nothing it where it is supposed to be, at some point we have to paint the unpainted, the window treatments have to go back up and furniture has to be moved. Jeez. I wish I just had a computer to fix.

I would post pictures but they are on the other computer. Why? Because. Because I have two cameras, two working computers, six different SD cards and have lost track of what pictures went where. I am not making quite the headway on my electronic life as intended. Sigh.


Lisa said...

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

You know, I don't have a clue what Google Reader does. My only Google Group is The Cafe. And Twitter is what the birds are doing right now in the backyard. I'm such a techno-nobody. But it's a simple life. I can't imagine the depths of what I won't know when The Tot comes of age.

I think you need a vacation someplace without internet. Maybe even without electricity. :-)


Unknown said...

Ah, Deirdre, you forget that concrete starts out liquid and flowing.

Big Johnny said...

"I have a friend who is a self-described luddite. I am pretty sure that he doesn't spend any time on Twitter or Facebook, or any of the other sink holes of cyberspace."

Absolutely correct...if it isn't on eBay or Heritage Auctions or your/Pauly's blog, it is insignificant.

and for the record...I only understood about half of the technogeek stuff you were talking about...what the hell is an RSS ??

and don't worry your pretty little head about not understanding all the construction stuff...the big strapping men will handle it ;^)

Deirdre Honner said...

If you lived close, I would hurt you. That's a promise, not a threat.

Thanks Laura and Lisa for the funny words.

PS_ Laura is a geek too. She knows what an RSS is... ;)