Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wrapping up the weekend

It's been a busy weekend and promises to be a busy Sunday, too. Friday night, a friend and former Navy colleague of Paul's came for dinner. Al is a Navy drilling reservist and Paul worked with him when stationed in GR. Al lives down in Kalamazoo. and has a 'real' butcher down near him. For dinner, he brought fresh steaks right from the butcher. WOW. They were incredible. Sadly, I was not feeling well and it was a short night for me but Paul and Al talked well into the evening, catching up on work and life.

Saturday I was still not too well but Paul was a dear and took care of the 'heavy lifting.' He ran the big items to the City's dump day and that made a dent in the junk in the basement. He also dropped off the lawnmower to have it serviced (since I broke it - or it was in my possession and use when the self propelling function broke) and picked up lunch for us. I did get the laundry done but spent much of the day sleeping. :( The Red Wings loss didn't help my wicked headache.

I was cleaning out my pictures on my Dell laptop and ran across this picture of my glass collection. I don't collect stuff, living a life with the Navy rather discouraged such since we would have to move it frequently but I do like glass. Beach glass specifically. I couldn't image that anyone else would have the same kind of interest is such an obscure item but was I ever wrong. There are groups of dedicated beach glass collectors, Yahoo group, MySpace, pictures on Flickr, and Wikipedia even has a entry on it! I currently have the glass on display but am thinking about other ways to use it.

Today, we are picking up friends at the airport and heading to the first of a series of graduation parties. Next week, our good friends at HWC start on our windows and rebuilding our back wall and we have to start thinking about the kitchen remodel. Whew. It is a lovely, cool morning with the perfect combination of sun and clouds. and is a good day for a party. Monday, it's back to work. Enjoy the day.


Lisa said...

Dee, check out the beach glass jewelry at this site:


Deirdre Honner said...

Wow, that would be worth the drive....