Sunday, June 29, 2008

The end of a good weekend

It is my second weekend with the Pin. Two down and four to go.

Tomorrow, the stitches come out, fingers and toes (that are able) are crossed. As Paul says, 0600 wakeup and 0630 Percocet, then breakfast and coffee. For the strong, Paul will be take pictures of the evolution. Since I am not a fan of how it all looks, rather than post pictures, I will post links. It will be up to you if you want to look. :)

While I sat on my duff, Paul was busy at work. We are the proud owners of a new air compressor. Paul needed air for his tires and the gas station was out of order. Enough he said and with his coupon for Lowe's, bought us our very own. He filled the propane tank and bought new stones for the grill.

Menu for the weekend was terrific. Saturday, I have felt the best since the surgery and he made me Tenderloin Deluxe - tenderloin with soy sauce and scallions. It is my very favorite recipe and while it's warm here, this might be one of the last times we use the ovens before the kitchen renovation starts. Tonight, he grilled some chicken breasts with a little cous cous and white wine. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the evening, even if I have a Pin in my foot.

I suspect that I will be quiet tomorrow as I rest from the morning. Good thoughts and prayers please. This is a big hurdle in the evolution of the foot. Good night from Grand Rapids.


Henry said...

You must really be under the weather---I'm guessing that Sven is out of control 'cuz that is the LAMEST excuse to buy an air compression that I can imagine "the gas station was out of order". How many gas stations are there in GR, anyway???

Oh well, if it keeps him motivated to take good care of the HR Maven, the world will be a better place.

I hope all went well this morning at the doc. We miss you much and are praying for you every day.

P.S. How soon will you be mowing the lawn again? I have a professional concern for the turf is Sven is so distracted caring for you. :-) Grass Dr.

Deirdre Honner said...

Thanks Henry. Things went ok.

Lawn is looking FINE. We do have some questions about the bald spots but that's for when you get back from CO.

Safe travels.