Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Friday Happy Dance

In a weird sort of way. I am grateful for Friday but am not so excited that we are moving closer to D Day, or Deirdre Day and the day that I have surgery on my foot. :( (You know, needles, doctors, anesthesia, pin-in-the-toe-for-six-weeks surgery). I am not very good about keeping personal secrets which is why blogging is so cathartic. And every person who I know, knows that I am having a pin put in my toe. And every person who I know who knows that I am having a pin put in my foot knows that I am NOT A FAN. Not even a little bit. NOT A FAN OF THE PIN.

It's sort of weird to hear medical professionals tell me that, "it won't be so bad." Bad? Compared to what? Childbirth? Broken leg? Amputation? What's the baseline for 'not so bad'? Well, I have yet to hear a good answer. I have a wonderful colleague, a faculty member in our biology department, explain to me why my foot wouldn't heal on its own and frankly, he did a far better job than the medical professionals. Thank you, David. :)

So I wait. And ruminate. And worry. And think about how many different ways that I going to frag myself with the PIN IN MY TOE STICKING OUT. Like stubbing the toe. Stepping on the toe. Having the dog sit on the toe with said pin. Running into the door with toe. Forgetting that I have a pin and walking too fast with the toe sticking out.... You know it will happen. I know it will happen. So I am practicing the scream that will be emitted when any of said things occur.

So what does a girl do when she faces such wretched surgery? Well, I had a wonderful time with my friend who takes care of my hair (and color), had a pedicure and well, I bought a new computer. Screaming machine with 4 gb of RAM, huge machine, awesome graphics, etc, etc. Should be home in time for my recovery. You know, I need a reward for the damn pin. :)

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend. This won't be the last time you hear about the PIN.
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