Friday, June 27, 2008

The Friday Happy Limp

Posting not for the faint of heart. Fair warning.

No dancing, just gimpy, limpy me and Samson and Paul who is working hard.

We have had a busy couple of days. On Wednesday, sans Percocet, my foot was really, really sore. I was not very happy with my decision to go through with the surgery given the pain. I was trying to explain the pain and came up with three relatively demonstrative examples.

1. The pain feels like someone has taken a blow torch and singed all my toes.
2. My foot feels like a slab of steak beaten to death by a meat cleaver.
3. The shooting pain feels like the Red Cross newbie who can't find a vein with that big, honking needle.

That's what it feels like. So with that pain, I headed to the doctor on Thursday to take out the stitches and I got my first view of my foot. I almost passed out. I have a 4 inch scar on the top of my foot from just under the nail to the top of my foot. I have a black and blue lump that I could only equate to a camel's hump in the middle of my foot. And I have that attractive pin that is shoved in the bottom of my foot sticking up in an L shape at the top of my toe. It has an attractive green ball on the end of it. And yes, I can feel the pin every minute and can feel it on the bottom of my foot. For you gals, at least I won't lose my toenail. I did not bring the camera or take pictures. It was too ugly, even for me.

So the doctor decided not to take out the stitches. I am healing well (no infection but still lots of swelling) but I am not healing quickly. With that decision and the swelling that is still occurring, I am out of work for another week. Of course, it doesn't stop me FROM working, just can't be on my feet AT work. So I sit at my desk, in my sweats, with my foot up and icing much of the day pounding through the work that is piling up. Good news - I can start putting weight on my foot and wearing that very fashion-forward, black plastic and Velcro Foot Boot. At least I am off the crutches.

Oh, and I did get new pain meds. The doctor didn't think ES Tylenol was enough so he gave me some prescription-strength Motrin of some kind. Paul picked it up yesterday on his way home and to be honest, I don't notice much of a difference. It just hurts. All the time.

I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from our good friends Bud and Barbara. They are lovely and filling the room with blooming beauty. :)

The stitches are now scheduled to come out on Monday. The doctor game me fair warning that I should probably take a Percocet for that evolution. Wow, that scares me. He said it will hurt and if he is saying that now, it probably will. So I have the weekend to enjoy the world sitting on my duff and reading. Updates as conditions warrant. Have a great weekend.

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Lisa said...

I think I need a Percocet. Right now. After reading all that. And, really, I gave birth and had to manage bodily functions and basic hygiene with umpteen stitches in my you-know-where. But, geez...that pin in the toe thing is just wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

My condolences to you, my dear. I really hope things go well on Monday. And thank you for not posting pictures. That was very humane of you. :-)

Enjoy your weekend. Try not to dwell. We'll be thinking of you.