Sunday, June 22, 2008

A lesson in mobility

It is not easy to exist in my current state. It's quite humbling. I am not allowed to put any weight on my foot until the podiatrist clears me for the fashion-forward, black plastic and Velcro boot. So every single thing I do involves crutches - coming to dinner, showering and bathing, hobbling to the backroom. Everything. It is incredibly inconvenient. And every time I need something - my glasses, one of my computers, a glass of milk, a meal, more light, a clean towel, medicine, even a cup of coffee, Paul has to get up and get it. I am not the only one needed things; Samson is pretty demanding too - needing walks, runs and pets, food and water, and just attention. So between taking care of us and taking care of our neighbor's dogs while they are out of town, this hasn't been much of a weekend for Paul. There is still the laundry to do, meals to make and dishes to do, so he hasn't been dawdling or blogging, just moving. :) It will be nice to be given clearance to hobble in the fashion-forward, black plastic and Velcro boot; I won't feel like such a slacker.

I still tire quickly and have still been sleeping quite a bit. I talked to our friend Deb who (after her leg injury) joked that she didn't think that she would ever be able to work again since all she did was sleep. That made me feel a LOT better. I was getting concerned that all I was doing was sleeping (which I am) and would I ever wake up? Jeez, I hope so, I am enjoying my afternoon naps but this will get old. I think. :) Maybe I am catching up on sleep that has been deficit a few years back. At this rate, I will be all caught up when I return to work.....

Food is also starting to taste good again. For a couple of days, everything, including ice cream (sob) tasted like plastic. It was devastating. Last night, Paul made one of our flank steak recipes, Fantastic Flank Steak, and it was delicious! We had some cous cous and a Caesar salad. With the small fridge currently in use, we don't have a lot of extra space - meals are made one at a time and no leftovers hanging out around here!

So the Sunday agenda is a big ole nothing but hanging out, moving from one reclined and elevated state to another. It's getting old but I have to hang in there, I see the doctor again next week. Enjoy the day.

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