Thursday, June 19, 2008

More for my money

Thank you for your kind thoughts, words and prayers. I am grateful for all the kindness.

Along with the PIN, I got two extra screws. A little more damage than the good podiatrist thought. To make the experience even more joyful, none of the pain medicines worked, except to help me vomit MORE so I have settled on Percocet and pray that the pain starts going away. I have been sleeping since 11 am yesterday and enjoying a menu of Cherry Garcia because that is what stays down. Pleasant don't you think? ( I am too old for this...)

I have the constant companion of Mr. Samson who won't leave me. So, I made it through the ugliness, now comes the inconvenience. Nurse Paul is doing well and I am going back to bed. Updates to follow.


Lisa said...

When you get tired of Cherry Garcia, try Karmal Sutra. The caramel injection is better than Percocet. I'm certain of it.

Sorry to hear this has been harder than you expected. We're channeling happy, get well thoughts to The Enchanted Mitten.


Big Johnny said...

Sack up...rub some dirt on it...take a salt tablet.


Seriously...hope you're feeling better soon.

Deirdre Honner said...

thanks friends. :)