Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's wrong with the right?

A lot. More than I could have imaged and with that, I am terribly depressed. My right side is falling apart. My foot started the problem with a pinched nerve that resulted in some rather unattractive and uncomfortable surgical work. It would appear that my pinched nerve is healing but now, I have another problem, a problem with my toe. I hurt my toe last August and just now is it starting to show. I couldn't figure out why my pinched nerve wasn't healing. It was healing....the 'other' issue started to hurt. I can't walk too well so earlier in the week, it was back to the podiatrist. That was my first mistake (among other many other mistakes).

So here is the scoop. The podiatrist wants to operate on my toe, repair what has torn (if it is torn) and then stick a pin in the toe to keep it straight. The pin WILL STICK OUT OF MY TOE FOR SIX WEEKS. I am going to be walking around with a PIN STICKING OUT OF MY TOE. SIX WEEKS. This is more gross that I can even imagine. So, two weeks off my feet, six weeks with A PIN STICKING OUT OF MY TOE and wearing the stylish foot boot and then up to twelve weeks to completely heal. What a thoroughly enjoyable summer. It really is just too gross for words. I have had two doctors say, "well it really isn't as bad as it sounds..." So I have to ask the question - Have YOU walked around with a pin sticking out of your toe? No, each replied... so I think that they have no business saying it isn't SO bad.....

Moving further up the anatomical map, my right elbow is starting to give out too. I think that I have been clicking, typing and hitting return for too many years. Throwing the Frisbee for Handsome Boy probably hasn't helped either. Great huh? I can't stomach the thought of a pin sticking out of my elbow so that is going to be on a back burner for now....

Work has been busy with a good balance of controlled and uncontrolled chaos. Of course, we love chaos, or so we say. The weather has been humid and wet. I love the rain and overcast days but I would prefer that we be without humidity. The bonus on this is that we aren't paying to water the grass.

We are also getting ready to get the kitchen going. Paul has been working diligently on the kitchen plans and we will be meeting with the planners next week. While it will be messy and inconvenient, I keep the outcome in mind. We ran across some pictures of the old bathrooms and are so grateful for the beautiful bathrooms (and rebuilt backroom); I know the kitchen will be just as wonderful.

So that's all the news fit to print! Go Wings!
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