Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The end of a big day

Well, it was a big day for the Pin and me. I do need to retract some of the dripping sarcasm comments on my podiatrist. He is such a nice man and has done terrific work. Sadly, he will always be affiliated with the Pin. Sorry dude.

So the fabulous news is that the doctor is overjoyed with how my foot is healing. That is great news. TERRIFIC NEWS. He took x-rays and I got to see the screws AND the Pin. And might I say that underneath the iodine-stained, no-pedicure-for-me-for-weeks skin is a mighty fine looking foot. I always thought bones looked pretty darn neat - that is, of course, without the Pin. And not mine. And definitely not broken.

So here is the kicker. He offered to take out the Pin. He said that he knows how much I loathe the Pin. I was stunned. I said - really? So soon? So after some discussion, he said that he would actually prefer one more week-10 days to remove the Pin but it was healing so well that he was willing to do it today. I opted to wait. Can't believe it myself.

I said to the good doctor that while he is a wonderful man, a kind man, a terrific surgeon, I really hope to never, ever have to see him again. Professionally, I mean. So I am willing to wait until he thinks it's best. Next Friday, 10 days and a wake up from now, the Pin will come out. It's perfect. It's a Friday afternoon and I won't miss any more work plus I have the weekend to recover. For another week plus with the Pin but happiness abounds with the healing update.

I was waiting for Paul to pick me up from work and I took some pictures of the beautiful flowers on campus. It's a gorgeous summer.


Big Johnny said...

I think you've developed a little Stockholm Syndrome with Mr. Pin....

Deirdre Honner said...

It's THE Pin - gender neutral bud.