Saturday, July 05, 2008

Peculiarities of Pin Living and other oddities

When people ask me how I am doing, my response is always, "I have a Pin in my foot." I intentionally answer that way, ignoring the social IQ component of the question, people really DON'T care. But if I have a Pin in my foot and by golly, I am going to share it. Period.

I have learned some amazing things in this journey. One important lesson learned is that I stretch my feet at night. They seem to do it all by themselves and until this glorious Pin evolution, I had no idea. And a little Pin geography....the Pin starts at the top of my toe with that attractive green ball and ends well below the toe joint, where it connects to the foot. The purpose of the Pin is to hold the toe straight so it doesn't bend. The foot WANTS to bend; the Pin doesn't want the foot to bend. Ah, the tension and dilemma. On my last visit to my favorite podiatrist (pause ...note sarcasm) I asked for something smaller than the fashion-forward black plastic and Velcro foot boot. Waking up with searing pain from my foot trying to stretch was simply too much for this chick. I got a small, albeit black, sandal with Velcro. (These podiatrists are big on Velcro). I sleep with it on and it all but eliminates the foot stretching tension. Chalk up a victory for the Pin.

I can't get the Pin wet. That creates all kinds of logistical issues. I am a person who does not dally getting ready for work. Shower, dress AND makeup and sometimes I can even beat Paul. Most days, what God gave me is plenty. Not much else is going to make it any better. So having to wrap and tape the foot prior to every spa experience is a real pain. This will be magnified as I return to work and Paul and I carpool in the morning. He is sort of a punctual guy and I just don't know how this is all going to work out. :) Monday, we will see. I do anticipate being the envy of my friends and colleagues with my Boot and Pin.

Our good friend Jan stopped by yesterday with the most amazing Get Well Pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Oh, heavenly deliciousness! It is Apple and I am not embarrassed to say that we had it for breakfast. It is fantastic.

For dinner, since we have all this Apple Pie, we invited our good friend Deb for dinner. We are going to throw some steaks on the grill, along with some corn, long grain rice and vinaigrette. (The tomatoes at Horrocks looked amazing)

We also had a successful shopping day. I bought a new flash for my Nikon at Norman's Camera. We have several weddings this next year and I am excited to take pictures. With the new flash, it will really help.

So that's a wrap for Saturday. The weather is beautiful! Enjoy the evening.
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