Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wrapping up the weekend

It's been a busy one. First full weekend without the Pin. SWEET. Seems like it the Pin was there forever and now, well now, it sits in a plastic bag for the world to see. It's not in my foot and that's the best news ever.

We had an amazing weekend full of basement cleaning (TBTB), terrific dinners and fun with friends - 2 and 4 foot.

Sunday was a terrific day. After church, we picked up lunch and headed to Deb's house to have playdate with the pups. Goodness, they had a good time. Samson had his first bath and with a little puppy treat cajoling, did well.

I am tired and icing my foot. Tomorrow, I drive for the first time in six weeks. We have notified the appropriate authorities. Samson has an appointment with our favorite vet for shots and a general checkup. We are getting closer to trying puppy day care and boarding, and this is the first step. He is SUCH a good dog.

So that's a wrap. Tomorrow, it's back to work. First Monday, post Pin. Hooray!

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Lisa said...

How did it go...the first day behind the wheel in six weeks? Did EGR police beef up patrols? :-)