Friday, August 15, 2008

A day of gratitude

It was one of those days. Today, I was last out of the house to get Handsome Boy to doggy day care at Whiskers. Whatever trepidation, concern or angst we had about leaving him anywhere, is well, in the history books. He LOVES it there. LOVE. Here is how the day started. I leave the house to take him - he is lethargic at best. I mean the dog is KILLED. He has been in doggy day care for three days and is so tired that when Paul took him out last night to go potty, he sat down in the grass. Sat right down. Killer. So this AM, when we start to approach Whiskers and say, 'Samson do you want to play with your friends?', I get a small squeak. When we get out of the car, he is SO excited. He doesn't even turn around as he heads toward his fun day with 4 legged friends. Oh, and they have a pool He usually comes home wet. I love to see a happy dog. I love even more to see a happy, tired dog. :) Our friend Barb, is going to take her dog Maggie to Whiskers next week too. I hope she has the same results!

I had my two month follow up with my favorite podiatrist. :) He is very happy with foot and its progress. I had some more xrays today and this time I got to see the permanent pins in my foot. Ick. My toe is a little stiff and will be for a while. And that's a good thing. I can start walking again in tennis shoes, start joining Paul and Samson on their 5:30 am walks and start riding my bike. I am not allowed to jump. Not a problem since well, I don't jump. Oh, and I can't go barefoot. No issue there either. So take a look at the xrays and enjoy to picture. Isn't that a fine looking foot? I hope that I can go with next year without any bad feet. :)

The weekend is busy. Tomorrow is an event at the Navy Operational Support Center for which I am the designated photographer. We have to stain some wood for the kitchen and Sunday is dinner with our good friends the Heeringas...well because we have no kitchen and ain't to proud to beg, sweet darlin'!

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Jennifer said...

No begging necessary... we love to entertain good friends, eat good food and well drink good wine :)