Monday, August 04, 2008

A most remarkable weekend

Friday was a delightful day, with much quiet, reading and writing. Work is quiet, the calm before the storm of students and faculty returning over the next few weeks. It is also the calm before the kitchen storm, when our great friends and remodel experts, HWC Homeworks start the full renovation of the kitchen. I mean full - cabinets, windows, door and flooring. I know how I do with entropy and chaos, and it's not pretty. So this momentary reprieve, just me, music, books, Mr. Handsome and my computers was a true delight.

Saturday we did something that we don't do enough. We headed over to our friend Amy and her store Art of the Table. Oh good heavens, I don't know why we don't just move in and work for food and wine. We had a gift card from some good friends and bought three magnificent bottles of wine. And I can never walk out of there without the Dancing Goat Creamery cheese from Alpine goats. I could no kidding eat goat cheese and drink Amy's selection of wine for dinner. And I would call it good. ;) This was truly the highlight of the weekend until we opened the Spanish wine, Viscarro. It was a fabulous, robust, fragrant and smooth-as-silk wine. Paul made a couple of ribeyes and the meal was almost a two hour fest, slowly enjoying the wine, steaks, cous cous and grilled veggies.

Sunday, we did a substantial amount of work in the basement, moving forward in our TBTB initiative. We have made great strides in eliminating junk and clutter. Soon enough, junk and clutter from the kitchen will fill those momentarily empty shelves. I think it reproduces in the basement.

We also had a playdate with our dog friends. Per his usual, Mr. Handsome was a little rambunctious and oh so happy to see his friends! It will be a wonderful week as we start moving the kitchen contents to various places in the house. Be on the lookout for pictures!


Big Johnny said...

I and Pauly are the two most content people I know...

Deirdre Honner said...

Dude, we live in GRAND RAPIDS, we drive less than 10 miles a day, we are greeted by Handsome Boy every day we come home and we have the best jobs on the planet.

We don't fight the 5, 805, 163 or the 15. No bridge, no carpool lanes, no chaos, no anarchy.

A little snow. Big deal. ;)