Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump day

It feels like an eternity, both this week and the kitchen project. Tomorrow is my Friday, Thursday for the rest of you working chumps, except my friends who are smart enough not to get sucked in the working world. Still wonder what Elvis was thinking when he wrote, 'welcome to the working world.' (Just for current and future reference, there is only one Elvis for me and his last name is Costello).

So the kitchen. Just wow. I feel like I am living in some Parade of Homes model. The counter tops were installed today. Looking as stunning as granite, they are quartz - hard, strong and forgiving. It doesn't have to be sealed and won't scratch or dull. It's nothing short of magnificent. Jim started the backsplash in the corner and will have to work to finish the rest of the tile, the hardware and the grout in the mudroom tile. I wish that the pictures could do this justice. Jim and HWC have done amazing work. Wow. Paul has more pics here, too.

The Handsome One (as our friend Johnny calls him) is still enjoying his days at the puppy spa. I picked him up today and saw my friend, Barb's dog, Maggie. She was sitting so sweetly at the door and I walked by her and whispered Hi Maggie -her little tail started to wiggle and wag and she looked so cute. When we came home, Samson had some dinner and put himself to bed. He is exhausted and in a good way. All that puppy energy gets absorbed with the other dogs and dissipates. :) I love a tired dog.

Paul did some more painting in the mudroom. The color is called Applesauce Cake but I am not sure that it fits. It's a beautiful golden brown. I will try and get some pics after Jim finishes the grout. It's a lot of work but it is surely paying off. Good night!


Lisa said...

OH my gosh...have you not just kissed every gleaming stainless appliance and every shiny quartz surface in your new kitchen???



Deirdre Honner said...

We are VERY happy....