Saturday, September 06, 2008

Now and late(r)

Sorry, I am behind on my posts, mea culpa.  It has been a glorious and busy week.  Just now did I have a moment to sit down at my best technology friend and put some thoughts on a screen.  Some kitchen updates.  It looks terrific and it's not even done.  The tile is done in the kitchen and on Friday Jim put down all the grout.  Wow. Even Jim thought it looked good and as Paul says, that's a lot coming from him.  He never brags about his work so for him to say WOW, indeed it is. The lights are in and looking fine.  On the overhead lights, we went with something simple, canned lights and they have dimmers.  We thought about other lighting options but after looking at our friends and neighbors' kitchen (Dennis and Amy), we loved the simplicity and ahem, no dusting.  :)

I haven't written much about Mr. Handsome.  His days are filled with puppy play time at Whiskers.  He comes home well beyond exhaustion to halfway dead.  Paul will joke with the staff at Whiskers that they have broken our dog.  They all tell us that he plays SO hard.  And I would believe that about Samson - he does everything full steam.  Paul had the sweetest story for me when they came home on Friday night.  Whiskers staff told Paul that they had two puppies on Friday.  Wiggly, giggly, energetic puppies - a lab and a golden.  The staff thinks so much of Samson, how sweet he is, how gentle, how loving he is that they put Samson with the puppies to play.  Most likely to wear about the puppies!  That makes my heart feel good - Mr. Handsome was locked up in a cement cage, all alone, howling with loneliness and now, well, now he is home. Paul and I often remark about the myths of adopting a shelter-dog, how the a rescued dog will never bond.  We look at pictures like this and relish stories of his escapades with his furry little friends and think who in the world believes that

Friday night, we met some friends for a drink and got home so late that we had cheese and crackers for dinner! This AM, I met my friend for breakfast at Wolfgang's in Easttown.  Tonight, I am flying solo with Paul spending the night with family.  

Tomorrow is painting in the kitchen so Jim can install the appliances on Monday.  I can't WAIT to see the stove.  Woo hoo!  


Lisa said...

Dimmers. Essential. Our canned lights get hot and, well, who needs more heat out here, right?

Also, speaking of saving shelter dogs, we watched Dogtown last night: saving the Michael Vick dogs. Makes me sick that guy only got 23 months in prison. It was heartbreaking! You done good with Samson. What a blessing you are to him!

Kitchen looks splendid.


Bob C said...

Great tile!
I agree with the Dimmers. Essential for those canned lights.

Deirdre Honner said...

Lisa, I think that this is a special place in hell for people in power who abuse others, like this case with dogs. I just shake my head.

Bob, thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the tile. Monday we will have appliances!!

Big Johnny said...

The Handsome One is gonna be hating you when he doesn't get to go to doggy day care anymore... :^(