Saturday, October 25, 2008

A day in the life

I don't know why it is but the day I can sleep in like normal people, just to sleep in to say 7 am, I can't. 0518, wide awake. I forced myself back to sleep and finally got up when it was at least not pitch black.
On to the mundane ... every fall, the very first thing that I put out to celebrate is one of my very favorite gifts. It's a Belleek pumpkin, a gift from our good friend, Abi. October 1, when I feel like we can sort of start celebrating fall, even when it's still warm, the pumpkin takes front and center. It's so beautiful that I don't really put it away, it sits in my china cabinet year round.

Along with the myriad of errands to run, we treated ourselves to a trip to our favorite store, Art of the Table. Amy helped us pick out some wonderful wines for dinner. Tonight Paul is cooking for Deb and me and making a brand new recipe, Tuscan Pork Roast. We went with white wine - two Italian whites -and I think they will be the perfect choice. Doesn't that sound delicious? We promised Amy a full report on the wine. We also got to see Andrea, who always helps us pick out cool things - she helped us pick out perfect wine glasses, and it's crazy, but great wine tastes even better in good glasses. :)

I have been dutifully recording rain captured in the precipitation gauge. I promise pictures as soon as it stops raining around here. ;) Monday should be interesting as we are expecting a 'wintery mix' - rain, sleet and snow. Woo hoo!! Just as long as it is nice for Halloween.

Handsome is enjoying his days - split between his love Catie and a day a week at Whiskers. One day a week with his companions is great socialization and tires his little puppy butt out. He can't go a couple of days without Catie. He misses her when she is gone. :) He is such a wonderful companion, with a rambunctious and silly spirit and just plain fun to have around. He enjoys his quiet time on the sofa. It must be a 'dog thing.' He lounges exactly like Ms. Allie.

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay dry!

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