Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Happy Dance!

Yup, it's today! Last night, we had a visit from our friend, Mike, who unloaded a face cord of seasoned wood. It's a critical component for keeping our backroom warm and cozy during long, cold winters. My friend, Jennifer, laughed at my Facebook status of loving the seasoned wood delivery. Since moving to Grand Rapids, we have had absolutely no luck in finding a reliable snow plow service, nor have we been able to find an honest wood supplier. This year might be the year we turn it around. We found (through a neighbor) a great snow plow service who only services our local area AND we bought wood from a good friend who promised this wood was seasoned for at least three years. Woo hoo.

I have been chuckling for the last couple of days, thinking about the auto executives flying into DC on their individual private jets. Duh. I just shake my head. If you want to read an eye-opening article, check here. Read it, it's really something.

Enjoy your Friday! Lots happening this weekend. Updates to follow.

1 comment:

Big Johnny said...

What does he use to season his wood ?? Garlic powder ?? Lawry's Seasoned Salt ??

And what exactly is a snow plow anyway ??