Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here comes winter!

Winter Storm Warning

It's snowing. It's big, wet, heavy snow accumulating at a furious rate. It's 33 degrees outside, that dangerous temperature where snow/sleet/rain sort of mix and freeze. It's quite slippery outside. Translation = it's perfect weather for a dog! We have already been outside twice to chase flat disks. Samson is simply impervious to the cold and I know that he is sitting on the sofa, baffled as to why we aren't outside rolling in the wet stuff.

We had a most enjoyable weekend. We celebrated Paul's birthday in style. He wanted very little, a nice lunch at his favorite place, Founder's, where we had sandwiches, a pint and filled up our growlers. I was the designated driver so I had my Pale Ale to enjoy at home!

We also had great fun meeting up with our friends Lies and Phil. They have three of the most amazing dogs and Samson loves running and playing with them. Nikon is their puppy (picture below of him kissing Samson) and is strikingly stunning and quite vocal! Of course, their dogs Coke and Kenya are wonderful too. Kenya always gives Samson a run for his money. There are always a lot of gnarling and gnashing of teeth but no one ever gets hurt. All the dogs had a wonderful time, especially Samson. He was dead tired and covered in goose poop. What is more fun on a birthday than cleaning goose poop out of Samson's coat?

For Paul's birthday dinner, he cooked a couple of filets and made a Cabernet reduction with shallots and capers. Amy hooked us up with a terrific wine, Piccolo Cru' an incredible blend from Napa. (Comments: Piccolo Cru’ is a dark, purple colored wine, clear in appearance with a bouquet combining the ripe, blueberry and meaty character of the Merlot and Malbec, with the spice, herbal and earthy components brought forth by the Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of mint chocolate on the finish) It was amazing. Now you might be asking yourself, "self, why did Paul cook his own birthday dinner?" The answer of course is that 1) he wanted to live; 2) he wanted something delicious; and 3) my idea of cooking is 10 minute. (10 minute is a local Chinese restaurant. We LOVE the place). We had a quiet evening reflecting on the year. It was been QUITE a year.

I am on vacation next week. I have a lot going on with a couple of breakfasts, lunches and a dinner with friends. Tomorrow with all the snow coming down, I anticipate a whole lot of pictures, frisbee playing and shoveling in my future! With my new camera lens comes a learning curve. I can think of no better way to spend a Monday than at home with Mr. Handsome, a camera, a few books and a lot of snow!

Enjoy your week!

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