Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Randomness, post election.

Some random thoughts on the elections.

I woke up in Michigan with medical marijuana approved as well as stem cell research. California is still counting the amendment to ban gay marriage. I was confused - thinking that I woke up in California.

And taxes ... Upon reflection, I heard a lot about the economy, jobs, money and taxes. I don't know what voters actually think that our taxes are going to go down but I would like to meet you. Thinking about redistribution of wealth and entitlements, I can't imagine how that is possible. I wonder what entitlements I get? Perhaps a better question is what entitlements will I get to finance?

And on job creation ... No one with any business sense would promise new jobs. We can't promise jobs - especially jobs that are no longer relevant in today's market. Let me give you an example. I get a couple of a calls per month inquiring about jobs that are 'just receptionist jobs.' These callers have no computer skills and need a job that is just answering the phone. Well, those jobs no longer exist. Why? Because the work environment has changed. Business needs change. And if workers don't stay current, they become obsolete. There is not one job on campus that doesn't require a decent level of computer savvy. In the past five years, technology too has evolved in a revolutionary way, that previously complicated hardware and software skills are now so common place, that many positions are considered entry level. If any of our elected officials promised 'good jobs' or 'good, manufacturing jobs' we elected the wrong person. Those jobs are gone. Business needs are different and we will get NOWHERE by punishing businesses for hiring what they need to stay competitive.

And morons running amok .... we can't legislate common sense, accountability and responsibility. Holding people accountable for poor and foolish choices seems to be buried under the smokescreen in all this. We have bailed out Wall Street. We will get to bail out Main Street. So tell me, who is going to bail out the people who work for a living and fund all this bailing?

Glad that I have Mr. Handsome to help me rake leaves! Off to stay-cation day 3 !
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