Friday, January 02, 2009

Chicken slime and other tales of woe

One day, my life changed. I woke up and could no longer touch uncooked chicken. I have no rational explanation for said event, no trauma, no bad dreams, no food poisoning, no cleaning horrors, nothing. Nada. It is a big ole mystery. One day, I bought chicken at Sam's Club, the big package of like 1000 chicken breasts and I needed to re-package and freeze them. And I couldn't do it. Couldn't pick 'em up. Couldn't even slice open the package. Made me sick to my stomach.

So I did what any cheap, rational person would do. I bought disposable gloves for food handling. Yup. That's what I did.

So today, I have to bake some chicken and put the rest away. I am ready. I have my food handling gloves - all 10 pair that I go through re-packaging chicken (don't talk to me about landfills - I try to make it up in other ways). I think it was revenge of the chicken slime today. My gloves wouldn't stay on and fell off on my pants. So I had to change my pants. Then my food handling gloves sort of dropped a chicken breast and it splattered chicken guts on my shirt. Had the change the shirt. Then the worst possible thing happened. The chicken slimed my feet. It was slow motion, falling through the air, plonking and splatter on my sandals and bare foot. It got me good - so good that I was then compelled to take another shower. Ick, gives me the willies thinking about it. But in the end, I did get the chicken in the freezer and the couple of chicken breasts cooked for dinner tonight.

With Paul back at work today, I took advantage of the time to take down all the decorations. This to me is the saddest time of the year. But I had Samson who had to help, er was underfoot most of the day. That is, until he discovered his brand new favorite place in the guest room. We were moving some things around and when I am in the front room, I pull the shades up for him. He loves to gaze out the window. As I was wandering back and forth, I discovered him up on the bed, looking out the window. There he has stayed for the majority of the afternoon.

So the Charlie Brown tree is disassembled and put away. The decorations are reboxed, the Santas lining up, ready to rest up until the next great holiday season. The newest additions to our holiday lineup were the reindeer, purchased from our fave store, Art of the Table -@artofthetable for you twitter lovers.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable and safe New Year's eve. We had one of my favorite meals, rack o'lamb that Paul made with a new recipe. Since the recipe called for honey and we had a little leftover, Paul made an incredible flank steak with rosemary and honey for New Year's Day. Watching the Red Wings and Blackhawks play at Wrigley Field was a pretty amazing event, though I wasn't all that crazy about some of the penalties there were called - and was even more crazy with some of the calls that weren't! (Grrr)

So what do you think a wonderful husband buys his wife for their 22nd anniversary? Anyone? Anyone? Why a new lens, silly. Should be here if 6-9 business days. I can wait for free shipping. :) So Happy 2009.

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