Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heat Wave

Sing it if you want, but it has WARMED up here. It's a balmy 25 degrees as I type this, much improved from the single digits with below zero wind chills. I hope those days are over for the winter. Mr. Handsome, regardless of the weather, loves being outside. Even on those days when it fell below zero, Samson couldn't figure out why we weren't outside. Truly, it was a mystery.

We had a wildly wonderful and successful weekend. And they always go too fast. Saturday, we visited our friends at Art of the Table and bought some goodies, including my favorite Patricia's Chocolates. Wow, are they good. We stopped by our friends Bud and Barbara and offered a little tech assist and then hosted our friend Mark for an amazing dinner. Paul made rack of lamb with honey and rosemary and it is fast becoming one of my top faves.

Today was particularly terrific as we knocked out some shopping. We stopped at Lowe's to buy a much needed rug for our dining area. Right after Christmas, it was $377 and I decided that was too much. I did some sleuthing on Coupon Cabins (and other coupon sites) and found a coupon. We also bought it during a sale and saved almost $60. LOVE that. Bought gas for $2 a gallon and picked up a few things, with coupons, at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Very successful shop.

Paul is making a batch of chili for the week. Sam's Club had some reduced for quick sale meats and we picked up a pot roast for less then $12. That should last us several meals - dinner and lunches for me. He is also on a pork chop kick - it is great meat and the recipes are amazing. Head over to the cafe to see some of the dinners he has cooked recently.

It's another busy week ahead. Lots of fun things at work and at home. Enjoy it!

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Jewels said...

Thankfully, I missed that awful cold weather! I didn't realize that gas was up to $2 a gal. around here, arg. It was much less on the road.