Sunday, February 01, 2009

A thoroughly delightful weekend

It's Sunday and the weekend is in the rear view mirror. A brief recap.

We had friends over both Friday and Saturday nights. Paul worked on perfecting his balsamic pork chop recipe. Saturday night, he pulled out an old favorite, herb-crusted tenderloin. Combined with some wonderful wine from @artofthetable (Art of the Table), terrific desserts and great conversation, it was hard to let each night go.

Saturday, I had a photography class and am a convert. We spent two hours learning tricks to shoot in nothing but manual; not aperture or shutter priority, but all manual baby. My pictures look fantastic and it's so easy to control the light without the flash popping up. Best two hours that I have spent in a long time.

On Sunday, we took it easy. Ann Marie came to hang with us, do laundry and nap. Samson loves when she comes to visit; he naps with her, sits on the sofa and waits for her to adore him. It is so precious. I swear that he would go back to the dorm with her if he could.

It's another wonderful and busy week. We are expecting a little more snow, some sun and maybe even a wintery mix. Stay warm!


Jewels said...

Wintry mix sounds like an exciting thing to add to the blah. I would love to hear about your class sometime... looking forward to seeing your new photos.

Big Johnny said...

Handsome Boy prowling The Kingdom...that would be fun...