Saturday, March 14, 2009


A quick note and then its off and about. The hawks were out this morning and they are beautiful! I wasn't prepared, didn't have my telephoto lens on and was playing FD (we have to spell everything around Samson. FD = flat disk = frisbee) with His Handsomeness.

The hawks were flying and screeching, Samson was done hunting so he sat himself down to take in the glorious spring smells and sun shining. This is my favorite shot of the morning - I like the contrast of the sun and the tree shadows. Makes it a little challenging to get the light just right. :) Well, it is my fave even if I couldn't get the hawks.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Jewels said...

Great pic - and I love how he also matches your lawn now too :) The shadows are and interestimg position and remind one of a wagging tail.
Anyway, i saw that Edgar Sawtelle book last night when John & I were at Costco and thought it looked very interesting, but the 1st pp didn't grab me...something in the middle did.