Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Techie Tuesday

This week's Techie Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of Google. Thanks Google, Blogger and Google Apps!

Last week, I highlighted the Top Ten non-techie things I love. So it's only fair to share my Top Ten FAVE techie things.

1. Google.
2. Google products like Gmail, Picasa, Chat, Blogger, Google Reader, Google docs, You Tube, Google Calendar, Health, Images, etc. I should just say (ATG) All Things Google. If you really don't know all that Google does, you seriously need to check out all the options here.
3. Twitter. If you aren't on twitter, you are missing out. I'm just sayin' ...
4. Facebook. It's not just for kids anymore.
5. LinkedIn. Facebook for grownups.
6. iPod. I don't know how I ever traveled without it.
7. Digitial photography. Opened up photography to the entire world.
8. Mac and PC computers. Yes you can have it both ways. (I am not forgetting you Linux but you just aren't out there in numbers yet).
9. Kim Komando. Yes it's her real name and she was been writing, blogging and telling computer stories for a long time. I listen to her on Wood Radio 1300 and listen to her podcasts.
10. Okay, Henry wins. Didn't write in the 10th. And JobAngels our grassroots movement to put people back to work. :)


Henry said...

And #10 is.....?

P.S. Check Jan's FB status--you'll lovt it.

P.P.S. Enjoy your day off.

Big Johnny said...

Thank God it's Luddite Wednesday !!!

Jewels said...

Why oh why is digital photography only at #7? I am surprised at you! :)