Monday, March 30, 2009

Techie Tuesday

Greetings friends!
It was a busy weekend with a photography class at Meijer Gardens. It's wonderful becoming members of Meijers. It's just a such a stunning place and it was terrific to just walk the grounds. The class was ok but even nicer was hanging out with other photographers. I learned through osmosis.
My pocket camera, Nikon P5100 came back from repair. It's all fixed and ready to get out and take pictures. I have a date, TBD, with my friend and photographer in crime, Julia, to get out and take some great pictures. And she has a NEW camera. :)
Other techie news.
Here comes Google Voice. Want to know more? Click here.
There is a nasty virus out there. You will want to know about this one. Click here. It's a wicked one.
When I lived in California, I lived through and tracked earthquakes carefully. I LOVED this site to track earthquakes. Check it out and find earthquakes that you didn't know existed.

Thanks for stopping by! Make it a good week. Until next time, don't play with matches!

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