Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Techie Tuesday

It's about the pictures! Since bringing home my new Nikon D300, I have spent my time scouring my resources. Everything I need to learn is available - in print, on line and DVDs. I have assembled some fabulous resources and even if you aren't shooting with a DSLR, these are terrific tools for students and pros alike.

In print (courtesy of my friend Cara,an amazing photographer)
My two favorite books are From the Moment It Clicks by Joe McNally. It is a fabulous book full of magnificent pictures and stories from the great photographer himself. The other is a set of two books by Scott Kelby on The Digital Photography Book v1 and v2. I take them everywhere. Both include cool pictures with simple details on how each shot was taken including aperture, priority, WB and ISO settings.

I spend copious amounts of time online at the Digital Photography School. This free resource and photographer's forum is an incredible resource from beginners to pros, and everyone in between. Seeing how other people take great pictures, and not great pictures, and ask for feedback and critique is so neat. Good stuff. There are some great peeps on Twitter too, photographers I follow and enjoy their tweets and resources. Developing my eye is key. I don't need to like everything but I need to be able to articulate why - technically. And that's work!

My friend Julia, who blogs and shows off her work here is an incredible photographer in her own right. I love to look through her pictures - composition, light, setting. She just gets it all right! And she turned me on to Shutter Sisters, yet another fabulous place to check things out. And my friend Lisa, shows off her photography skills here.

Also through a friend at work, I was turned on to Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I am signed up for a weekend class at the end of the month and I expect in no time will be wandering off for other classes on location.

So that's all she wrote for this week's Techie Tuesday. Until next week, make sure to comb your hair!
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