Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Happy Dance

Wow, it's Friday! It's another week in the books and I have almost nothing to show for it - no pictures of Mr. Handsome, no pictures of the beautiful, yet fading flowers in our backyard, no funny stories of this or that. Nope, none of it. You know why? Because the Red Wings played hockey this week and I was doing nothing but waiting for the game. There were other incidentals - work, calls, business, etc but really, all I could think about was the game. So the Red Wings finished off the Chicago Blackhawks and are staged to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins Saturday night. This will be playoff hockey at its best. I don't know how much I can stomach but it will be some of the best hockey ever played. Stay tuned.

We have suffered through some nasty rain this week that pretty much curtailed picture taking. Even his Handsomeness didn't pose for the camera. As remedy this weekend, Paul and I plan to take a stroll in Meijer Gardens and shoot some pictures.

Enjoy the weekend. <<Let's Go, Red Wings >>

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Lisa said...

Try John Ball Park Zoo, too. You might be amazed what photo opportunities you'll find. Happy snapping. :-)