Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time. Effort. Energy.

It's astounding. Time is fleeting. (Richard O'Brien). And now it's Wednesday. Saturday was a blur.

Paul's friend turned us on to a local off-leash dog park. His Handsomeness had an entire hour of play and running. I love his disposition; when dogs get into it, he simply wanders off. Not interested in instigating or being involved in skirmishes. Such a good dog.

The pre-wedding shoot with Julia was a load of love, fun, beauty and happiness. And a lot of laughter. That darn wind blew like crazy - things like the bride's hair, the bride's dress and the bride's veil. And oh year, my reflector - blew all over, including in my face. Several times. We had a blast.

Lisa and the Tot joined us for dinner Saturday night. We dined on macaroni and cheese, filet Mignon and fresh zucchini. And some fabulous wine. Lisa left with a camera and the Tot with a teddy bear. Woo hoo. :)

This week has been delightful. I picked up my next book, The Book Thief, so I have two good books in my pile. The weekend in sight will definitely include another visit to the dog park and some more photography. Surprising, I know.

Enjoy the midweek bump!

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Lisa said...

A "teddy" bear? Are you kidding me???? Some guy stopped us over at Calvin and wanted to know from which ZOO our bear had escaped!! Funny, I know. I'm goiung to get you for this, :-). Butn in all seriousness...she LOVES that "teddy" bear. It's pretty cute. The camera is amazing. I'm so enjoying this learning experience. Photography is really a neverending learning curve. As for dinner? Watching you grill the zucchini was a highlight. Wish I'd gotten a picture of that. Fine wine,a delicious meal, really gracious friends. I'm most thankful.