Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Answer Is ....

...because. That's why.

So what is the question anyway? The question that we have received from family and friends, after posting about our recent cottage purchase, why did you buy something on Lake Huron? Why would you look all the way over there? It's a good question and something we pondered and discussed and contemplated.

So the answer is because ....
1. Big boats. In my world, a lake isn't worth the water in it if it doesn't have big boats. Not little big boats. Big, big boats. BIG BOATS. Freighters to be exact. Big freighters full of ore and stuff, traveling by. Freighters like Gordon Lightfoot sang about in the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. I need to see big boats, need to watch 'em and need to know they are there.
2. No cliffs. I want to walk out on to the beach, not up and down 300 stairs to it.
3. I don't want to spend my weekends with Chicago weekenders; rather I want to be with Michigan peeps. They are on the east coast. No offense, Chicago friends. I just like it over there better.
4. I am a painfully early riser. I believe that sunrise is the most beautiful time, energy and light of the day. I would rather see the sun rise. Sun sets are amazing, and we get them too. I sit with my coffee and camera, listen to the water soothe my soul and watch the glory bloom in another day.
5. Paul spent 20 + years working on the water. Now, we want to have fun on the water. The east side is affordable. Reasonable. Delightful.
6. There are both a VFW and an American Legion in Oscoda, both of which Paul is a member. They have Killian's Red on tap. Served in big chilled mugs. Heaven. Really.

And I spent my summers on Lake Huron. It feels like home. It feels like MY home. I have waited for this for 40 + (mumble, something) years and I can't wait to start this adventure. With of course, Paul and Samson. Our Mr. Handsome already loves it.


Bob C said...

WOW! You guys really did your research and know exactly where you want to go. Congratulations! It really sounds like a great place to spend a LOT of time.

Jewels said...

This totally makes sense to me! So happy for you! Now about that pic - perfect, except I would photoshop out the jetski and color those shoes a neutral color... but that's just me! Great, happy pic - really!!! On second thought, I wouldn't change it one bit!

Deirdre Honner said...


I love the jetski - perfect aperture setting. And the shoes, well I HAD to leave those. :)


You and Nancy need to come visit. :)

Unknown said...

I am really happy for you and Paul, Deirdre. It sounds so nice. Enjoy it to the fullest

Lisa said...

You don't need to explain. That said, I totally get it about the freighters. When I was still living in GP, we'd take the boat out to the shipping channel and chase them down. There is nothing so frightening and exhilerating as running alongside one of those big boys.

Did I mention, you don't need to explain. :-)


Deirdre Honner said...

Laura, if you and Ed get lost in Northern Michigan, you sure have a place to hang. :)

Lisa, I know. You were the one person who didn't ask.