Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life is what's happening now

We have been busy with fun - people, places and pictures.
Last weekend, Paul and I headed to Lapeer to pick up Delicious, our lamb. This has been an on-going joke between the two Pauls- my Paul connected with Paul Weideman on FB (they are old high school friends) and Paul and his wife Marj run this amazing organic farm -Mirror Lake Farm. So along with picking up Delicious, we got to see their farm, tour it, meet the sheep, horses and dogs up close and personal and have a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant. If we didn't have jobs, we would still be there talking. Gosh we had fun. Oh and those sheep - the sheep in my picture - they kick. I know. Personal experience with the kicking sheep ... BUT I didn't drop the camera. Whoa. Bonus points for me.

I have also been busy with the camera, taking pictures and editing pictures. I really could do that for as long as my eyes would stay open.

This weekend is the first weekend in many that we have no obligations - many tasks, lots of leaves, tremendous possibilities and a friend over for dinner - but NO WORK! Hooray. Our feet are already up and relaxing, practicing for Friday night. I see a nap coming on.

So this is life happening now. It's important to be in the moment and appreciate these amazing gifts, delivered incrementally, wrapped in grace and goodness and gratitude. Enjoy the happenings, won't you?


Lisa said...

Oh, beautiful. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful you found your blog voice. I'm forcing mine. No motivation, really. Have other things occupying my time.

Love the lamb. Love the lamb with marinade!


Big Johnny said...

Lamb vindaloo curry...yum-o !!