Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rear View Mirror

Saturday - Breakfast 

Saturday, I needed an infusion of color.  Just in time, or JIT in the inventory world, my friend Jewels called me and said "let's go take pictures."  She didn't have to say that twice. :)  We headed to breakfast at the Brandywine joint in Eastown.   I love that place.  Slow leisurely breakfast with coffee cups clinking, low hum of people catching up and Jewels and I taking pictures.  Seriously, it was like we were Japanese tourists taking pictures of our food.    I had Eggs Timothy (note the hashbrowns, hash and hollandaise sauce).  Yup low cal and loving it.
Julia and I headed downtown to take pictures of the Grand River and then to the Prince Conference Center to take some pictures indoors.  You know, somewhere warm.  You can read further adventures on her blog.


Monday, I had a wonderful day at work.  I had several meetings on the west side  of the campus and never, and I do mean never, miss an opportunity to check in on the plants at Calvin's greenhouse.  I had my little Nikon P5100 and I tell you, that is just an awesome little camera.  With the settings on aperture priority, a little light from the sun and a good zoom, I got some nice green & color pictures.   It was a little bit of heaven in the dull and dreary January.

More adventures coming soon!  Enjoy the week!

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Jewels said...

Love the breakfast diptych...Dee-lish! Great memory too :)