Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekend in review

Life is crazy right now.  It involves all kinds of chaos including travel. The dates keep moving so we can't really figure out what we are doing until some plans solidify. Thanks goodness there are some concrete events and that help keeps us sane, at least for the moment.

Friday night, we had quite an adventure.  When I arrived home, we had lost heat. After much work on Paul's part, along with a visit from our good friend Kevin, it was determined that our igniter had failed and we needed a new one.  Kevin promised to come by on Saturday AM with one so we hunkered down with a roaring fire and a few space heaters.  Good thing.  When we got up on Saturday, the temperature in our backroom was 44 degrees.  And it was cold!!  By 11 am, it was all good.  And warm.
Saturday, we started the arduous but joyful task of furnishing the cottage.  We need to first replace the windows and flooring; once those are updated, we can start putting things on the floor and the walls.  We have a couple of items being framed, picked up some necessities from Bed, Bath and Beyond and have one of our signs being made.  I will write more about signs as they are completed.  Suffice it to say signs are a big deal in Oscoda and we need one for the street and a few in the house.   There is a UHaul in our future but I think that's when it is quite a bit warmer.
Saturday night, we had friends over for dinner.  Paul made beef tenderloin with mustard (and shallots) and it was a wonderful night.  

From 2010-02-07
Sunday was a quiet day with reading and a good book.  I took a few pictures of Samson as he gazed out on his backyard.   It's a busy week.

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Jewels said...

Wow, sounds like a busy, fun, cozy weekend. Love the photo of Samson... call me still if you get a chance :)