Sunday, June 13, 2010

Front Row Seats

We had a glorious weekend in Oscoda. We had a cool, overcast weekend and while not the ideal for most beach visitors, we had a lot of indoor taskings to cross off our list; the weather was perfect. We made significant strides in cleaning, organizing and arranging essentials; we have things in the right place, cool stuff on the walls and the chi is starting to settle.


We hung out with our friends at the VFW, Post 3735 where I am now a card-carrying life member of the Ladies Auxiliary. The official vote of my application is June 20; I am pretty sure that they will accept my application. Madame President, Jeannette Daniel has been a dear during the process and I look forward to many years hanging with the ladies. And many thanks to my wonderful hubby for all his years of military service and sacrifice so I can join this exclusive post.  It is a pretty sweet club. Have I mentioned Killian's in a frosted mug for a buck?  Really.
The dog, our Handsome Samson was beyond wild.  Swimming and playing morning and afternoon.  Chasing the Chuck it.  Rolling in the sand.  Playing with new friends.  Collapsing exhausted on the sofa.  Oh yeah.  He had one heckuva weekend.  He will be tired for days.

So tomorrow, it's back at it. Looking forward to another wonderful week.

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