Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Techie Tuesday

I think it's time.  I have been asked to come talk about social media and networking and the presentation that I did for Datatel's User Group National Conference last March is completely outdated.  Completely.  Outdated.   Jeez.    Since last March:

Google Voice has added a business feature.    Oh, and Google added TV too.
LinkedIn has all kinds of new features including the ability to follow companies and find connections.  Like Google, Pandora and Twitter.  So cool.  And stay tuned for Career resources for recent grads, too.
Facebook has hit 500 million users.  That is crazy.   Tomorrow they have some big announcement.  Stay tuned.
I don't really remember a time before Twitter.  You should know all about hashtags.  #
Make sure you know Ted.
Skype.  It's everywhere.   Even on our phones.

So that's all for now.  #Glee is on.

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Michael Krupa said...

Ah Ha! I think I have found my guest blogger for my Tuesday Tech Tips on the InfoBox blog!!