Saturday, March 19, 2011

S*A*T*U*R*D*A*Y Night

The weekend is off to a great start.  Paul and I had a nice quiet relaxing Friday evening, chillaxing with a little Founders, a good grill and a tired Samson the dog.   We got up early to greet the most gorgeous moon and it promises to be just as gorgeous tonight.  Tripod, remote and camera settings are ready.  (It is sort of hard to shoot the moon - glad I have the right glass to do it).
Tonight, Paul is making one of my favorite meals, rack of lamb with honey and rosemary.  We are having some friends over for dinner and the evening will be a blast.  How could it not with great food and fabulous wine from Art of the Table? (Amy has made a selection for us and I will let you know what she picked).
After shooting the moon, I put my 35 mm prime back on my camera and had some fun around the house.  Laundry is going, the house needs picking up and we have a few errands to do - just another Saturday in East Grand Rapids.  

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