Sunday, May 08, 2011


We have this reoccurring theme in our individual and collective lives. One of these themes is kitchen remodeling. We are hoping, unless we win the Mega Millions, that this is our last one.   
We took off Saturday morning for a quick turnaround to Oscoda.  I needed to put some miles on my new car and we wanted to see what our kitchen looked like, along with our gorgeous beach.  We weren't disappointed.

It's sort of hard to do much of anything with no sink, dishwasher or stove.  And given that we aren't the rustic type, we ate out Saturday night, heading to our favorite local pizza place, G's.

It was a gorgeous sunrise.  It was a wonderful weekend.  And 29.3 MPG.  #winning

Tomorrow, we are back at it.  Happily.

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